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Solar Panels

In terms of solar energy, our products are sourced and manufactured in Austria and are made of extremely high quality materials. The benefits of solar energy from this type of system is free hot water throughout the summer months and it also helps to heat your water during the rest of the year thereby cutting your heating bill all year long.

After our initial site survey which we provide free of charge we will recommend the correct system for use in your home. The cost of the installation is helped by a grant of €250 per sq mtr of flat plate panel. A typical three panel installation will receive around a €1500 grant towards the costs. For more information on this grant visit the greener homes section and www.sei.ie

Solar collectors are typically installed on the roof of your home. The maximum energy gains are acquired when the collectors are pointed due south and angled between 30 and 45 degrees. As you move away from this ideal orientation the effectiveness of the solar collector drops. Typically an orientation between south-west through to south-east is acceptable. The effectiveness will also be diminished if the collectors are shaded or partially shaded by trees or nearby buildings.

As well as being ultra efficient and free of charge, solar energy helps to reduce individuals carbon footprint. And with a carbon tax on the way in Ireland, you will be helping to keep money in the bank by investing in solar systems.

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